At last night's BET Hip-Hop Awards, Anderson .Paak took a moment to pay homage to his fallen friend, Mac Miller. With a shirt depicting the Swimming album artwork, Anderson made sure to reinforce the importance of Mac Miller's artistic legacy. 

"Legends never die,"says.Paak, "and Mac Miller not was, butis, a whole legend. Mac Miller did more in twenty-six years than some ofya'll could do in three lifetimes. He never hesitated to extend his hand to the people heloved, and was responsible for putting on so many artists. He not only influencedme, but a whole generation of new, creative, independent artists." He continues, stating "he was a rapper's rapper, he was an actor, a comedian, a musical genius, a heartthrob. Mac Miller was a brother, he was my friend. I loved him and I still love him."

The emotion in Anderson's voice speaks volumes. It's evident that .Paak and Mac Miller had a close bond, and the pair previously collaborated on Mac's The Devine Feminine single "Dang!" We hope Anderson .Paak can find peace amidst his loss, and rest assured that his words ring true; we recognize the importance Mac's contributions to the game, from Blue Slide Park to Delusional Thomas to his final album, Swimming. Rest in peace, Mac Miller.