If you went back in time and ran into a young Anderson .Paak, you may have not have even recognized him. The singer decided to take part in the age old practice of throwing it back on Thursdays by posting an old photo of himself from back in the day. He paired the shot with with a current photo of himself in the gym, and it's safe to say that he looks pretty different now. By putting these photos next to each other, Anderson really drove the point home that he's undergone a bit of a transformation over the years, not only by tatting himself up and losing his glasses, but also by losing some weight and getting chiseled. 

"#TBT got me saying woooooow," he wrote on the post. Regardless of how his looks have changed, he was still adorable back then, but it looks like he posted the comparison for a reason. It appears that Anderson is on a bit of a fitness journey, as he went on to post a video on his Instagram story showing himself stepping on a scale with the caption, "10 more lbs to gooooo." The scale read that he weighs "175.8 lbs," meaning his goal weight is around 165 lbs. Best of luck on your progress Anderson!