Anderson .Paak sat down with GQ a few days ago to sift through his personal vanity items. We all know GQ to be an editorial brand with a reputation for propagating excessive lifestyle choices. So it stands to reason that Paak was at ease talking about the pricier stuff in his collection.

The first essential to grace his list are his signature bifocals. To anyone thinking he's wearing those goofy looking things to gain style points, think again. Paak would trade them in for 20-20 vision in a heartbeat.

Second on his list of essentials, is health care product also relating to his visual impairment, the ever-effective Kiehl's Eye Cream, perfect for daily use. Next on the list, is a gold chain gifted to him by his professed hero, Thundercat. The musician once place the item around his neck and said, "wear this chain don't be afraid!" Paak has no intention of ever giving it back!

At number four, Anderson plugged his favorite Hermes cologne - at five, his portable JBL speakers. With his boombox handy, Paak claims he can turn any function into a "super ignorant" one, with the click of a button.

The most sentimental object on Anderson's list is the scrapbook of family photos he takes with him on the road, namely of his son and the "wifey." Where does put those photos, funny you should ask: in a Gucci wallet. Although he doesn't own the full Gucci romper kit, he admits "he's working his way up."

The last three items on the list are less analogous. At number eight, Anderson talks about his affinity for Essentia water, a brand he says gives him the ideal PH balance for his daily functions. At nine, Anderson plugs the "Throat Coat" brand of cough drops, an item he claims is a singer's best friend.

Finally, the most precious the most precious item on his list, a backpack in the shape of a wolf's head that he bought in Tokyo. Anderson has grown so enamored with his bag, that he even gave it the Rocco, after his favorite adult film star.