With a new album around the corner, Aftermath's Anderson .Paak has linked up with Sean Evans for "Hot Ones." Nursing the first of his nuggets, .Paak reflects on his time as a wedding singer, during which he received a lap dance, while-drumming, from the bride-to-be; as he so confidently reminds us on "Bubblin," "he's a stud, no cuckold." He does, however, give a shout out to the women who supported him during his come up, when money wasn't always in the bank.

Naturally, conversation shifts to Dr. Dre, when Sean Evans asks about Dr. Dre's studio process. "First off, he doesn't do anything that doesn't feel right," says .Paak. "He doesn't care about any of the hype. He just tries to hone in on a moment and deliver." Citing Dre's meticulous nature, Anderson admits that some people don't care for the approach. "It's not for everybody. That's part of his process man, we might work on something for three, four months."

When Mac Miller's name eventually comes up, .Paak smiles, taking a moment to describe some of Mac's artistic characteristics. "I think of fun, charismatic, all-around MVP type of player," says Anderson. "He can dish it, he can shoot, and he can perform in the half-time. He's the one the whole team looks to for that energy."

As the Scoville level increases, as does the entertainment factor. For the most part, .Paak handles it like a champ, though his will is certainly tested in the later stages. Peep the video now, and look for Oxnard to arrive on November 16th.