Seven years ago, Anderson Silva snapped his leg after trying to perform a kick on Chris Weidman. It was a gruesome injury that had many fans disgusted when they saw it live on TV. Now, seven years later, the exact same thing has happened to Weidman, as he looked to perform a leg kick on Uriah Hall. The injury took place on Saturday night and it's something that no one expected to see. It was truly gruesome and now, Weidman won't be able to walk for eight weeks as he just went through surgery.

Silva witnessed the injury and it immediately reminded him of what he went through so many years ago. In a classy gesture, Silva took to Instagram where he wrote some kind words of encouragement for Weidman. Needless to say, Silva wouldn't wish that kind of leg injury onto anyone.

Chris Weidman

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

"My deepest and most sincere sentiments champ. Have faith, I wish you a speedy recovery. In this moment I wish you and your family light, love and knowledge. To the fans of the sport, please respect this moment of this incredible warrior and let's wish that he is 100% very recovered soon. May God bless you and your family @chrisweidman," Silva wrote.

Hopefully, Weidman is able to make a full recovery sooner rather than later. Whether or not he continues to fight, remains a mystery although it's a decision he will have to make with his family.