For the last week or so, many in the basketball community have been excited about the return of the WNBA. Throughout recent years, the excitement surrounding the league has skyrocketed, with many NBA players showing their support. Perhaps the biggest advocate of the WNBA was none other than Kobe Bryant, who did everything possible to make sure WNBA players got their due. However, there are still some sexist attitudes towards the league and every day, the players are fighting to be taken seriously.

Recently, Andre Iguodala found himself at the center of this fight, as he tried to shout out WNBA star Aerial Powers. In the tweet below, Iguodala referred to her as her number, without even saying her name. This led Powers to call out Iguodala for not giving her proper respect. This then led to Iguodala saying "no manners," followed by another tweet from Powers in which she recalled some fairly crass comments Iguodala had made in the past.

This latest exchange is an example of how hard it's been for many WNBA players to get their respect, even from their supposed peers in the NBA. While it may not get the same coverage on television, there is no denying that WNBA athletes are exceptional at what they do and could easily beat any of our commenters who have something to say.