At the onset of the current NBA Season, Andre Iguodala told the media he didn't think his teammate Stephen Curry stood a chance at winning the coveted MVP Award, basically ever again!

While that might seem like a preposterous comment to make, when taken out of context, Iggy was inherently misquoted - his intention of exposing flaws in the current voting for NBA Awards taken out of context. In the case of the Warrior's current dynastic run, team success ends up obscuring individual accolades almost every time.

In fact, just yesterday Andre Iguodala labeled his teammate "the second-best point guard ever," during the post-game media scrum taking place night - after the Dubs picked up a crucial win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

"I think he's still underrated," Iguodala told the media. "I still think he doesn't really get the respect he deserves, and guys think that you know, he uses a lot of screens. Guys think that you can draw mismatches with him defensively, but he's a real problem."

Iguodala would go onto highlight Steph Curry's 28 points as an instrumental part of his team's 120-117 win on the road, before labeling him the 2nd best EVER at his position, behind the current the Lakers' current president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson.

"He won't ever get it (respect). It is what it is sometimes. But when you sit down and have serious conversations, that's when you know, he's the second-best point guard ever," Iguodala continued. For the record, he thinks Curry is only chasing Magic Johnson for the GOAT title."

At the tender age of 30 years old, Steph Curry has already tabulated a resume that includes three NBA championships, two MVP titles, one of which (the trophy he garnered in 2015-2016) saw him achieve the NBA's lone unanimous voting turnout, on all cards. Do you agree with Iguodala's assessment, comment below?