Andrew Wiggins is a player who has certainly received his fair share of criticism throughout his young NBA career. The former first overall pick was taken by the Cleveland Cavaliers and he was poised for a fruitful partnership with Kyrie Irving. Of course, this turned out not to be the case as LeBron James came back to Cleveland and Wiggins was quickly sent to the Minnesota Timberwolves where he had some difficult seasons. Wiggins never lived up to his first-overall designation although he definitely had some flashes of brilliance.

Last season, Wiggins was traded to the Golden State Warriors where he got a decent amount of playing time thanks to some significant injuries around the team. Now, heading into next season, Wiggins is preparing for the Warriors to be contenders again and trainer Chris Johnson is looking to get Wiggins in that top shape. In a new video posted to Instagram, Wiggins looked especially impressive as he did some dribbling drills that showcased his handles.

While these training videos can sometimes prove to be a mirage, there is no doubt that Wiggins will be motivated to prove to fans that he can be a big contributor on a contending team. With Steph Curry and Klay Thompson back in the Warriors lineup, there is no reason to think the Warriors won't be in the playoffs.

With the season starting in about a month, we should soon have an idea of just how ready Wiggins is for this new challenge.

Andrew Wiggins

Christian Petersen/Getty Images