It's obvious that Angela Simmons is loving the skin she's in. The media mogul and reality star has often caught flack for popping up on social media, sharing photos of herself that some consider too risqué for a pastor's daughter. However, the 32-year-old business-owning single mother isn't worried about the naysayers and continues to preach healthy living and body positivity.

Angela Simmons
Stephen Lovekin / Stringer / Getty Images

In an Instagram post on Wednesday (April 29), Angela Simmons shared two selfies where she donned a bikini. In the caption of the photos, she touched on a few insecurities that she has with her body but wrote that overall, she loves her whole self. "She’s not perfect , her weight fluctuates, she has her days when she’s not sure ... she doesn’t have a 6 pack," she said. "Throughout this all she’s learned to love herself unconditionally... because if she didn’t who would ?'

Angela added, "She is me . And I am her ... My strength is rooted deeper than the surface . I want to encourage you to love your body. Wherever you stand with it . It’s not easy . But it’s worth it. You are worth it. You don’t have to be what anyone( society) tells you to be. You can be YOU freely. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman !" She ended her message with, "Built not bought." Check Angela Simmons flaunting her physique below.