Yesterday (November 3) was a monumental moment for the United States as tens of millions of citizens took to the polls to cast their votes in the 2020 election. While Americans were online debating which presidential candidate took what state, Angela Simmons was sharing fond memories of her ex-fiancé, Sutton Tennyson. It was on November 3, 2018, when Sutton was shot and killed inside of a garage after an argument escalated. Although Angela and Sutton weren't together at the time of his death, the couple were happily co-parenting their son, S.J., who was just two-years-old at the time.

On Tuesday, Angela Simmons shared a series of photos that included Sutton with their son. She fondly remembered him in the caption where it is clear that she's still grieving his loss. "2 years later ... Been on my mind heavy . This time of year brings back so many emotions," Simmons wrote. "Still missing you here . So thankful you left me with such a shining light. Knowing that you would be as proud as me of your son. I could just hear you now speaking (bragging) about him. He’s everything you ever wanted him to be and more Rest In Heaven #SuttonForever #MightAsWell."

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