The friendship between Angela Simmons and Bow Wow has stood the test of time. Back in their teenage days, the two had a budding romance, but when that didn't work out, they were able to maintain a friendship. There have been rumors of the two flirting or dating in recent years, but both parties assure the public that their relationship is purely platonic.

Bow Wow, Angela Simmons
John Ricard / Stringer / Getty Images

Angela's brother, Jojo Simmons, gently confronted his sister about her connection to Bow Wow on an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop. In a confessional interview, Angela shared a bit about her history with the rapper. "Bow and I, we were young," Angela recalled. "He did a lot of messing up. A lot of it. A lot of hurting my teenage heart. A lot of it. 'Cause he was young and having fun and I was like, the girl who was ready to commit and it was not the time for that."

Jojo told his sister just to "leave all the 'Lils' alone." No Lil Bow Wow, no Lil Romeo, and randomly, no Lil Zane. Check out the clip of Jojo attempting to give his big sister love advice and watch Angela Simmons reminisce on her teenage heartbreak with Bow Wow below.