Anna Kendrick appeared on The Late Show with Steven Colbert and dished about meeting Barack Obama while he was president.

The actress says she received an email asking her if she would like to meet the president of the United States. She, of course, accepted the invitation. The comedian made her way to a campaign event, during which the president praised Up In The Air, a film included on Kendrick's resume. The movie dealt with economic issues during a recession, a topic the president was addressing during the event in LA.

After his speech, the nervous actress finally got to meet Obama. Within moments of greeting each other, the pair shared an unusual moment. Obama checked in with the entertainer to make sure she wasn't too flustered by him mentioning her: "I hope I didn’t embarrass you earlier?" Anna Kendrick had the audacity to insult the president in jest: "Yeah, you’re such an asshole." 

Even though it was a joke, it takes a lot of guts to address the commander-in-chief like that. Thankfully, Obama bent over in full-blown laughter during the encounter. 

Kendrick recalls the friendly moment: "I called him an asshole and scolded him for not knowing enough about the 50 states so that was what made him double over with laughter."