T.I. and Tiny Harris found themselves in massive controversy last month. It all began when a woman named Sabrina Peterson hit the 'Gram to accuse the rapper of holding a gun to her head. From there, a slew of allegations against the Atlanta couple followed accusing them of trafficking women and minors.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The mounting allegations against the couple have been denied, both in a statement by a rep and in a personal statement given from Tip. However, celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom says she is working to bring justice for the alleged victims. A few weeks ago, she revealed that several women began reaching out to her firm for representation. "Multiple women have reached out to me, and so far we represent one. TI and Tiny say the woman are liars. Really?" tweeted Bloom on Feb. 6th. "We understand your fear. We are here."

Her clientele on this case is expanding. On Thursday, she shared another statement on Twitter revealing that she's signed another accuser of T.I. and Tiny.

"We just signed out second accuser against T.I. and Tiny. If you have information about this important case, please contact me. Always free and confidential," wrote Bloom on Feb. 11th. "And we understand the fear."

This comes shortly after MTV revealed that they'd be putting a halt on the filming of the upcoming season of T.I. & Tiny's reality show, The Family Hustle

Since the allegations emerged, T.I.'s remained relatively low-key on social media. Shortly after the bombshell allegations emerged, he began sharing apparent fake profiles that contributed to the 25+ accusations made against the couple.