Another black Starbucks customer has come forward with claims that he was unfairly profiled by Starbucks employees at a location in Los Angeles. Brandon Ward was denied the passcode in order to use the washroom, but watched as a white patron was allowed to use their amenities without hesitation. Ward then began to film the incident, and approached the man who was granted access to use the restroom. 

Ward asked the individual, whose name is Weston, whether or not he purchased an item from the cafe before using the bathroom, to which he revealed that he was not yet a paying customer. Ward then probed the store manager why a white man was allowed entry into their lavatory after he was staunchly prohibited from doing so. The manager denied giving Weston the code, and told Ward to turn off his camera and to vacate the premises.

Ward then began to repeat "I can't use the bathroom but Weston could? I think it may be my skin colour." A nearby security guard tried to calm the justifiably irate customer down, but to no avail. Police eventually were called to the scene and escorted Ward out of the building. 

The video has since gone viral, and will more than likely add to the widespread stigma against Starbucks and the racist culture engendered in their locations.