New legal documents obtained by Complex indicate that another defendant in the overarching Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods/6ix9ine trial has been given his marching orders. Fuguan "Fubanger" Lovick, one of six remaining peons, is being labeled a dangerous "shooter" by the prosecutors looking over the case. As you've likely heard, 5 of the Tr3way constituents have already pleaded guilty, including Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage/Getty Images

"In addition to the surveillance video, which shows the defendant discharging a firearm inside the Barclays Center, cooperating witnesses will testify about the defendant’s role in Nine Trey, in particular as a shooter for the gang who almost always carried a firearm," the document reads, elucidating Lovick's appearance at scene of a noted crime (crucial to the proceedings).

Aside from his alleged gang ties, Fuguan "Fubanger" Lovick is part of a hip-hop group called Hop Out Boyz, along with co-defendant Jamel "Mel Murda" Jones, who if you're keeping count, pleaded guilty in unison with Faheem "Crippy" Walter, another reputed Nine Trey member claiming blood. The documents make a noteworthy exception to Lovick, on account of his association to several noted informants, as listed in the principal letter. The judge presiding over the case is set to make a decision over Fuguan "Fubanger" Lovick's motion at the earliest possible time. The remainder of the defendants will present themselves in court on April 30 for a hearing that'll likely decide their longterm fate.