LeBron James has won a ton of individual awards throughout his time in the NBA, including the MVP trophy. Over the past few years, LeBron has been passed up for other players, which has led to a ton of debate about who actually deserves the award. Last year was especially controversial after LeBron lost out to the likes of Giannis Antetokounmpo.

While speaking to reporter Bill Oram of The Athletic, LeBron's teammate Anthony Davis was asked about the MVP award and whether James even cares about it. As AD explained, the Lakers star couldn't care less about the individual accolades, as all he wants to win are the championships.

LeBron & AD

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“Put it to you like this,” Davis said. “I know that that man does not care about MVP awards. He cares about championships. So if he loses the MVP and wins the championship like he did last year, he doesn’t care. So that’s what his mindset is, he’s not focused on MVPs. He’s focused on Finals MVPs.”

This is the kind of mentality you want on your team, as it's one that looks to advance the team rather than one specific individual. As a result of LeBron's mentality, the Lakers were able to win the championship last season, and now, they look poised to do some damage again in the playoffs.

Needless to say, the Lakers are lucky to have LeBron right now.

Anthony Davis

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