Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Toronto Raptors in a game that they needed to win. Now, the Lakers are tied for fifth place in the Western Conference although they are currently sixth due to a lost tie-breaker with the Dallas Mavericks. If the Lakers keep losing, they could be forced to partake in a play-in game just to make the playoffs. Anything can happen in these types of games and, now the Lakers need to start winning in order to fix things.

After last night's game, Anthony Davis opened up on the team's struggles to Dave McMenamin of ESPN. Davis acknowledged that the team is in disarray right now, although he did express optimism for the future.

“This is the lowest we’ve been … But the only way is up," he said. This is certainly a good way of looking at things, especially when you consider how LeBron James is still recovering from his ankle injury. Once LeBron gets to 100 percent and the whole team starts clicking, this Lakers squad could do some real damage once the playoffs roll around.

For now, however, the Lakers are in a dire situation and it's going to take a massive effort from everyone to get themselves out of it.

Anthony Davis

Patrick Smith/Getty Images