Antonio Brown is currently serving an eight-game suspension, and in the meantime, he has been working out and trying to get himself noticed by an NFL team, so that he can get back on the field and dominate at the wide receiver position. There have been numerous teams rumored to be in the running for Brown, including the Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and even the Houston Texans. So far, none of these teams have sought to make a deal, but regardless, Brown is being persistent.

There is one team, however, that Brown has no interest in playing for. During a FaceTime with Deion Sanders, Brown was asked by Big Cat of Barstool Sports whether or not he would go to the Chicago Bears, who need a receiver. AB was quick to shoot down this idea as he scoffed at the very notion of playing with quarterback Nick Foles. You can see Brown's disgust at the suggestion, in the comments below. 

Brown's distaste for Foles and the Bears seems to be a little misplaced. After all, the Bears are currently 4-1 and just came off of a win against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not to mention, Foles is a Super Bowl winner, while Brown isn't.

Moving forward, Brown will continue his search for a new team, which has received very few new updates over the past couple of months.