Antonio Brown is one of the most talked-about men in the NFL and he is also one of the most heavily scrutinized. After all of the antics, he exhibited as a member of the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, fans have kind of gotten fed up with Brown, which as you can imagine, has weighed on him a bit. Regardless, Brown has been trying to improve himself and today, he took to Twitter to talk about just what kind of man he has become. Most of the improvements he has made have to do with parenting.

"When I was in the league everyone did everything for me literally handicap me! I’m back cooking; shopping taking care kids all me no nannies chefs trainers or baby mamas me dolo all self Care," Brown wrote.

Unfortunately for Brown, the fans weren't buying it and they immediately dove into his comments to explain how what he just mentioned is what a normal person would call "life." Fans seemed to take issue with Brown making himself seem a certain way despite the regularness of what he was doing. There has always been a disconnect between the rich and the working class so it's not surprising that the general public felt a certain way about his comments.

Check out some of the harsh reactions below and let us know if you think the comments were too harsh or justified.