Antonio Brown is a name that was in the news a lot throughout 2019 and even at the beginning of 2020. Eventually, however, Brown decided to exit the spotlight and began his journey to redemption. Now, Brown is mostly seen working on himself and is constantly posting workout videos. The NFL superstar is still without a team but it is obvious that he is trying his best to get back into the league and be the best person he can be.

Over the past few months, Brown has received quite a bit of mentorship from NFL legend Deion Sanders. Sanders' advice has really stuck with AB and recently, the receiver took to Instagram where he penned an emotional note to Sanders, who replied saying "Wow boy u got real Tears out me man!"

Per AB:

"I want to express gratitude to my mentor/ friend/ father figure Deion Sanders for taken time out of his busy life in these trying times to give me some guidance. I am deeply humbled and indebted to the knowledge you given me. Being around yourself and family helped me in so many ways it unimaginable. As black men we don’t usually reach out for help and we keep things bottled up. I appreciate the time. I appreciate the knowledge. I appreciate the love. My eyes have reopened and your words have me more focused than ever. I now see that Antonio is just as Great as AB. I just needed to prove that to myself!"

AB also made sure to say Rest In Peace to Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd who were both murdered on camera. 

As the NFL season approaches, it will be interesting to see if a team takes a waiver on Brown, especially with his reputation inching back to normal.