Antonio Brown has been getting on the nerves of Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders fans over the past few months thanks to some pretty incredulous antics. Brown was able to force his way out of Pittsburgh and as soon as he got to Oakland, things got a little weird. Over the past few weeks, Brown has been battling with the NFL over the new helmet rules and even filed two grievances, which were eventually shot down. This has led to speculation that Brown will be a nuisance for the Raiders this season and won't play like the superstar everyone knows he is.

In a recent interview, Brown's former quarterback in Pittsburgh Ben Roethlisberger spoke to the media about his relationship with Brown and how he wishes he handled it differently. Brown told Big Ben to shut up and now, former QB Dan Orlovsky is giving AB hell for it. The rant came during a recent episode of ESPN's Get Up!

Orlovsky makes the argument that Brown is an “attention-seeking drama queen” and that he shouldn't be speaking this way about his former teammates. It's not surprising to see a former quarterback stand up for his brethren like that, although it's hard to be on AB's side through all of this considering his recent antics.

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