Antonio Brown has been spending his day on Twitter and it's led to a number of interesting moments. For starters, Brown was asked if he'd be willing to play in the XFL by one fan, to which the ex-NFL player responded, "I’ll buy the XFL tell @VinceMcMahon his league will only last 3 weeks max." 

Brown also responded to a conspiracy theory from a fan about his legal trouble and why he's not in the league anymore. Brown wrote, "All was calculated moves to put me in this position truth comes soon they be rushing me back so they don’t look bad." 

Later, he spoke about working on movie scripts during his time away from the game, "Working on writing ✍️ some movie scripts thinking of the perfect story I experienced with my camera man last year he got shot on way back to Miami the Theo Story! Coming soon stay Tune."

Fans refused to let up on correcting his poor grammar, so the ex-wide-receiver finally wrote, "This not English class sir it’s Twitter I[u] probably have zero education yourself." 

The most recent update on Brown's situation with the league came yesterday from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. Fowler wrote on Twitter, "From @SportsCenter this AM, Antonio Brown vs. NFL looks like a standoff. People close to Brown say he's been ready to interview w/ league, but separate source says NFL feels like it's waiting on Brown. Teams won't sign him until cleared up, so Brown continues to train in S. Fla."