Last night was supposed to be a huge game for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as they took on the New Orleans Saints in a massive divisional rivalry game. In the end, Tom Brady had one of the most abysmal games of his career, all while the Saints cruised to a blowout 38-3 victory. This was not the night the Buccaneers expected to have, especially considering the addition of Antonio Brown who was in the lineup for his first NFL game since September of 2019.

What made this game so difficult for Brady and the Bucs was the fact that the Saints defense was all over the field and sacked Brady numerous times. As for AB, well, he didn't catch his first pass until the second half and finished the game with three receptions for 31 yards.

Antonio Brown

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Of course, fans were expecting a lot more from Brown but when you consider it was his first game with the team, it shouldn't be all that surprising that he wouldn't be thrown to that often. AB still has a lot to learn when it comes to the Bucs offense and it may take quite a few weeks before he turns into a big threat on offense.

As for the Twitter-sphere, well, plenty of memes were flying last night as fans reacted to AB's first game. Some are wondering if AB will have the patience to deal with this Bucs squad, especially given the fact his first game was a blowout. You can check out some of these reactions, below.