Antonio Brown has consistently been one of the most polarizing players in the entire NFL, especially over the past couple of years. This past season was particularly bad for Brown as he found himself without a team and very limited future prospects. Regardless, he has been hard at work in the gym trying to make things right. In fact, there was some hope that he could get signed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers thanks to his connection to Tom Brady and Bruce Arians.

According to reporter Dov Kleiman, the Brown to Tampa Bay pipe dream is just that, a dream. Bruce Arians confirmed that the team will not be signing Brown as he doesn't fit with the team. Not to mention, the financial situation probably wouldn't make all that much sense either. All of this to say, Brown won't be playing in Tampa Bay this season.

Brown was recently asked on Instagram what his plans were for next season and whether or not he was signing with the Bucs. Brown replied to the question saying "expeditiously" although the only thing that was expeditious was Arians' rejection.

Stay tuned for updates on free agency and what Brown plans to do next.