The fallout from the Capitol building attack on January 6th continues to be felt. Today, Donald Trump faces his second impeachment, brought on by his involvement in inciting the riotous mob. With his political fate as-of-yet uncertain, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent over an hour last night addressing the people in a lengthy Instagram Live session, where she opened up about her own experience during the harrowing Capitol assault.

 Samuel Corum/Getty Images

"Wednesday was a traumatic event," she explains, at roughly the eight-minute mark. "I'm not exaggerating when I say that many many members of the house were nearly assassinated. We were very lucky that things happened within certain minutes that allowed members to escape the house floor unharmed. But many of us nearly and narrowly escaped death. It's also traumatizing how unsettling that day was. There was a sense that something was wrong from the inside."

"As we saw, there were members of Capitol police who were quite heroic," she continues. "There were also black and brown officers confronting white supremacists, putting themselves in harm's way on the front line, facing the racist violence of white supremacists ordered by Donald Trump. There were those acts of heroism, but next to that were acts of betrayal. To run in the Capitol and not know if an officer is there to help or harm you is also quite traumatizing." 

"As for myself, I had a pretty traumatizing event happen to me," she explains. "I don't know if I can even disclose the full details of that event due to security concerns. But I can tell you that I had a very close encounter where I thought I was going to die. You have all of those thoughts where, at the end of your life, and all of these thoughts come rushing to you. That's what happened to a lot of us on Wednesday. "I did not know if I was going to make it to the end of that day alive. Not just in a general sense but in a very specific sense."

Check out AOC's IG Live below, and stay posted on further developments regarding the second Impeachment of Donald Trump.