Before you know it, Fortnite might end up playing second fiddle to the latest craze in Battle Royale gaming: Apex Legends. Let's put this in perspective: Apex garnered 25 million downloads in just its first week, leading many to believe it will one day overtake Fornite at the top of the Battle Royale heap. Some believe that day has already come.

According to HypeBeast, Apex Legends has surpassed Fortnite for hours of "streamed gameplay" in a single day, besting the previous record of 6.6 million hours by a fair margin. Not to mention, the 25 million downloads Apex achieved in the week of its launch, shatters the previous record set by Fortnite when they secured a modest 10 million downloads in their first week.

Gaming experts and enthusiasts alike reckon that much of Apex Legends' appeal comes down to the competitive nature of its gameplay, which has prospective pro players salivating at the opportunity at hand: entering the eSports arena in the early stages of the game's development.

In fact, the NRG eSports outfit is already busy assembling an all-star team, in anticipation of an inevitable crossover into the pro ranks. Prize bounties of $200,000 are rumored to be at stake, once the crossover is complete - are you intrigued?