When it comes to you and your phone, privacy is pretty important. The last thing you would ever want from your device is a breach of privacy where all of your private information is leaked. Photos, videos, and files are all things that should remain private to you if you so choose and sometimes hackers can compromise that right. Another thing you wouldn't want is someone being able to watch you through your front-facing camera or having someone be able to listen to your phone when you're not in a call.

Well, at least one of those things became a Group FaceTime glitch, which forced Apple to take action and disable the feature for now. Of course, Group FaceTime was an exciting new feature brought forth in iOS 12.1, but quickly turned sour this past week. According to Venture Beat, a glitch allowed users to start a Group FaceTime and listen in on someone's phone, even if they hadn't picked up yet.

Essentially, if you started a FaceTime with one of your contacts and then added your own number to the "Add Person" box, you could hear the phone audio from the person you originally called before they even pick up. Venture Beat also reported that this glitch could be replicated with a Mac as well, making this glitch especially scary.

It appears as though Apple will now take the time to work out the kinks before adding the function back to everyone's phones.