Apple recently decided to make some changes to its keyboards, by leaving behind the unpopular butterfly keyboard design they previously introduced in 2015 and moving onto a scissor-style. The butterfly keyboard design was initially advertised as allowing "a more even pressure to be applied across each of its keys, along with other benefits like a single LED to illuminate each key evenly." The design has since been revamped four times with the most recent design appearing on the 2019 MacBook Pro. A silicone layer was recently added to the revamped version in order to provide greater reliability and longer durability. Yet customers still find themselves in need of repair servicing because of ongoing issues with the keys which leave them stuck, leads to characters repeating or not appearing on the screen. Hence, the billion dollar company is now moving onto better things with a scissor-switch based design. 

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In revisiting the design, which was already ventured into in the past, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo emphasizes that the newer version will be unlike any other and thus completely different from the previous mechanism herein. Although no specific details on the redesign have been shared, we do know the new keyboard will tackle most of the previous issues brought on by the butterfly prototype. You may expect it to appear on the new Apple MacBook Airs and 2020 MacBook Pros.