The smartphone market is getting crowded. There is a new phone being released every month it seems like, and Apple feels the need to step their game up to compete. Although the iPhone does boast the best camera out of any smartphone, almost all of their other features have been implemented and mastered by other manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and Sony. In an attempt to leave their competitors in the dust, Apple is working on new technology that will make iPhone's absolutely irresistible. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on touchless screen interaction and curved screens for future models. Although the new technology will not be used on the next generation of iPhones (which are rumored to drop this Fall), the company plans to implement the tech in the next few years. The touchless screen interaction is said to allow users to select actions by moving a finger near the screen. The screen curvature is reported to bend inward gradually from top to bottom, unlike Samsung phones which curve on the screen's left and right edges. Air Gestures were also implemented by Samsung years ago, where users could take selfies and perform other actions with just a wave of their hand. Apple plans to take similar tech in their own direction.