Apple Music continues to gain momentum and accumulate millions of new subscribers monthly. The company's CEO Tim Cook revealed during an interview on Bloomberg TV that they service has now gained 50 million users via paid subscriptions and free trials. 

Apple Music has been able to nab nearly two million new accounts each month, after having reported a clientele of 36 million in February, 38 million in March, and 40 million in April. Cook did reveal that there are 8 million users accessing the free trial option, which would put the company's paid subscriber rate at a sizeable 42 million. 

The service is still far behind Spotify's 75 million pool of paying customers, but their 2 percent growth rate is actually slower than Apple Music's 5 percent. 

Last month, the company announced the promotion of Oliver Schusser to vice president of Apple Music & International Content to help steer them into a more successful future.