Face ID is one of those phone features that makes people incredibly weary, especially when it comes to facial recognition and the potential for identity theft. Regardless, some people find that Face ID is incredibly convenient when it comes to unlocking one's phone and that the technology isn't worrisome at all. For those who don't know, Face ID works by identifying key parts of your face. If any part of your face is obstructed from view, then Face ID won't work.

This has proven to be problematic throughout the Coronavirus pandemic as many individuals have resorted to wearing masks. Of course, these masks block people's faces, thus rendering Face ID obsolete. Now, Apple is rectifying the situation by making it so that if the camera detects you're wearing a mask, it will automatically redirect you to the passcode screen.

Users have already begun to notice this new feature and as you can imagine, people are happy that Apple is making their lives easier. Moving forward, you will no longer have to take your mask off in order to unlock your phone.

If you haven't been using Face ID, well, this latest feature won't be changing your life in the slightest.