News that Apple was releasing a new iPad that boasted a cheaper price has since been proven to be true. That latest model starts at $329 but will go for $299 for schools and students as it offers educational support - having been introduced at the company’s education event in Chicago.

The 9.7 model has Touch ID, 10-hour battery life, HD Facetime Camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera as well as the Apple Pencil that offers a set of new capabilities. 200,000 new apps have been produced with education in mind for teachers to utilize the iPad even more. 

The Pad is available for orders as of now in three colorways: silver, space gray, and gold. If you wanna see the product before you buy it and get your own feel for it, expect to see them in stores later this week. 

We recently posted on the worldwide closure of Toys R Us and how the retail store is offering discounts on all Apple products as a way to get rid of products, who knows if they will even receive the new iPad, but worth a shot for a lower price.