There have been plenty of people pegging Apryl Jones with questions about her relationship with B2K's Fizz. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood couple drew much ridicule from the public after they revealed they'd been carrying on a romance. Apryl previously was featured on the VH1 series alongside B2K's Omarion and later the former couple had two children together before calling it quits. When Fizz entered the picture, Apryl was accused of being the reason why the two men were at odds.

It's obvious that the rift between Fizz and Omarion goes much deeper than a group member dating his friend's baby mama. Regardless of the reactions she's received, Apryl has continued on with her life without a care in the world, and recently she hopped on Instagram Live to chat with fans about what she's been up to. During the Live, Apryl wanted to make one thing clear about her relationship status: even if she's with someone, until she's married, she's single.

"Let me just also say this 'cause y'all keep asking me if I'm single, so I am gonna address this," said Apryl. "I will always be single, even when I'm in a relationship. You wanna know why? Until a mother*ckin' ring is on this finger, I'm single as f*ck! I really believe in that. So, that's just what it is. I'm always gonna be single until there's a ring on this finger... I'm single until I'm married." Alright then, Fizz. Watch Apryl Jones give her relationship status update below.