Aquaman continues to dominate in the overseas market and now has surpassed Marvel’s Iron Man 3 to become tot highest-grossing foreign solo superhero film of all time after earning $806 million at the international box office, just grazing past Iron Man’s $805.7 million as reported by Forbes.

Aquaman still trails behind all of Marvel’s Avengers films internationally but continues to creep up on the $892 million figure held by the original flick of 2012. The latest Infinity War installment still tops out at $1.3 billion at the international box office.

Overall, Aquaman has amassed an overall gross of $1.13 billion, sitting at the 20th post in the worldwide all-time box office. International sales account for 75 percent of the film’s success in numbers.

Already, the biggest showing of the DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. has given the green light for the film’s sequel, hoping to reel director James Wan back into the mix. According to reports, Wan has bee offered to “oversee the development of a second film, including the selection of writers, and then make a decision on whether to direct it when he sees the script."

Notably, Wan critiqued the Oscars for snubbing his VFX team during the nomination process. The film’s star, Jason Momoa, appeared at the ceremonies to present an award alongside Helen Mirren.