Aquaman has been creeping ever closer to $1 billion for quite some time now. Like one of those stories that starts with the dramatic end and then loops back to the beginning but you stay captivated all the way through even though you know the outcome, Aquaman was forecast to earn ten-digits since its opening weekend in China. But still we've watched as it has continued to rake it in, leaving all sorts of milestones in the dust, like any other DC movie's earnings, for example, since The Dark Knight Rises, or any non-Disney movie since the year 2014. 

Even though the moviegoing public has already voted with their wallets, making it clear which movie was one of their favourites of the year, the people over at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences seem to have a different view of the movie, namely that it's worth a nomination, even in the category of VFX. The director, James Wan, and VFX supervisor Kelvin McIlwain, showed their discontent with an angry exchange on Facebook, where Wan wrote "The fact that your VFX peers in the Academy aren’t recognizing or appreciating what we/you’ve all contributed to the film and cinema is a fucking disgrace."