Nothing says Christmas like a Hawaiian mer-man superhero fighting the forces of evil underwater. Apparently the North American moviegoing public agrees, having shown up in droves to see the movie this weekend and will likely continue to do so in the coming days. Maybe it's the perfect match that was Pitbull and Toto's "Africa" on the movie's soundtrack or maybe it was Jason Momoa breaking a trident over his knee and performing a Haka at the Aquaman premiere, but the movie has done very well with American audiences. 

The movie had already done very well internationally, especially in China, where it debuted at $93.6 million, raking in more than Warner Bros had ever seen in the country. The movie had already made its budget back ($200 million) and then some when it arrived in US theatres, so stakes weren't exactly high, but the film has still done well and is on track to make $70-75 million USD, much more than its competitor, the emotional and critically acclaimed Bumblebee, which made only a paltry $22 million in its first weekend. 

If your'e dying to see the underwater action but can't extricate yourself from family obligations, watch the Aquaman trailer (below) to tide yourself over until the end of the holidays.