According to Screen Crush, DC's Aquaman film adaptation is bringing the wow factor to movie-going audiences, to the extent that it now stands 2nd all-time in their recorded history behind Batman vs Superman. Its $822 million haul (worldwide) eclipses the mark set by Wonder Woman for the runner-up position.

Batman vs Superman stands atop the DC Entertainment Universe with an estimated haul of $873.6 million, dating back a few years. With that said, Aquaman stands a good chance of taking over the incumbent spot, if movie-goers continue their zealous campaign. Aquaman's days of toiling as a B-Side afterthought in the combined Marvel-DC multiverses appear to be over, now that he's been retooled for a new generation of fans.

A broader view of DC's pre-recorded history (film-based) still projects Aquaman in the Top 5 all-time behind final two Christopher Nolan projects, and the aforementioned Batman vs Superman spinoff starring Ben Affleck. The Christopher Nolan films included in the expanded list have all fared better than $1 billion globally in each of their successive iterations - a list that includes The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises in the billy club. 

With Aquaman's rise up the all-time ladder, Suicide Squad falls to the 6th position, followed by Man of Steel, Justice League, Batman, and Superman Returns in the amended Top 10. The movie-going public as spoken, but how do you rank the aforementioned titles in a DC list from best to worst - comment below.