It looks like the DCEU has found its savior. While Wonder Woman may have dazzled viewers worldwide, she didn't destroy the box office. The Gal Gadot starring film made $821 million at the worldwide box office, with half of that coming from the US alone. Those numbers aren't anything to scoff at, but Aquaman is projected to make almost $200 million more which would make it the most successful film in the DCEU.

According to Forbes writer Mark Hughes, the new underwater adventure raked in $106 million in domestic receipts and $550+/- million worldwide for the Christmas holiday. The film made  $11 million on Christmas Eve and $22 million on Christmas Day. Hughes projects that Aquaman will eclipse $700 million by the end of next weekend, which puts it on pace to break the $1 billion mark by the time it leaves theaters. The overseas haul for the movie has been enormous, although Aquaman is only doing mediocre here in the States. 

Jason Momoa started playing Aquaman in a brief cameo for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He reprised his role in Justice League, and he was a fan favorite as the "bro" of the crew. If Aquaman even passes $800 million at the box office, expect a sequel to arrive sometime in the next few years.