Throughout the course of the last year, Jhené Aiko and Big Sean have shared several intimate moments together, posting photos together from a beach trip several months ago. There is obviously still a lot of romantic chemistry between them and, despite being off-again during Sean's musical hiatus, it appears as though they could be attempting to make things work again.

After the release of Aiko's new single "None Of Your Concern," which Sean guests on, the paparazzi have been following the former couple closely around California and it is being reported that they shared a fancy dinner together in Malibu this weekend, getting very close during the meal. One photo from TMZ even shows Jhené sitting on her ex-boyfriend's lap as they enjoy the sunset. 

They don't appear to be shy about possibly being back on-again. On social media, Jhené uploaded a shot of the two together during a hike, looking off into the distance and thanking the Detroit icon for being part of her life.

In their new single, Sean opened eyes with a raunchy revelation, rapping that he once made Jhené orgasm nine times in a single day. Maybe that was enough to remind her why they belong together. Are you agreeing with the gossip headlines on this topic or do you think they're just really good friends?