DaniLeigh has been keeping quiet for the last few months with fans speculating that she may currently be pregnant. The rapper has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but fans are convinced that she's got a little one on the way with DaBaby, her ex-boyfriend. The two artists are seemingly no longer involved romantically, officially breaking up in February. However, from the looks of things, they may have reunited this week after internet sleuths caught a very minor detail in both of their latest uploads to Instagram.

As people are still fishing for answers regarding DaniLeigh and DaBaby's relationship, specifically whether or not they've got a baby coming, The Neighborhood Talk shared a post suggesting that the former couple may be rekindling the flame, being spotted in pictures with an identical bedframe. 

Both of the rappers posted separate videos from a white bed with a grey frame, throwing up peace signs on Wednesday. "Gang," said DaBaby in his video. "Trying not to use filters as much," wrote Dani as her caption. 

Some people are using this video as possible proof that DaniLeigh is indeed pregnant with DaBaby's baby, while others are asking how Baby's baby mama, MeMe, puts up with these rumors every time they come up.

"Girl I don't," responded MeMe in the comments of the post.

Do you think DaBaby and DaniLeigh are back together? Watch the video below and see for yourself.