J. Cole is rarely active on Twitter, so it's fair to say he's up to something tonight, as he just tweeted out "1-888-88-DREAM." The same number was also shared by Cole's Dreamville labelmates, Bas, Cozz, and Omen.  

It seems like the hotline is now jammed, but apparently some lucky fans were able to reach a pre-recorded message from Cole, and at least a couple of fans were able to speak to Cole himself as well as his manager, Ibrahim "Ib" Hamad. In the first video, a fan reaches the number's mailbox, belonging to "yo mamma...and Dreamville," and then, in the next video, the same fan seems to get a hold of Cole for a second, just long enough for the Dreamville boss to say "Revenge of the Dreamers 2," likely referring to the sequel to the label's last compilation mixtape, released in January 2014.   

Another lucky caller has shared a video in which she puts her call on speakerphone, and it certainly sounds like it's Cole on the other line.

Who's ready for Revenge of the Dreamers 2?