After a seven year absence from the game, the group made up of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shae Haley seem to be teasing an imminent return. Earlier this summer, N.E.R.D. announced a string of live shows, marking their first return to the stage in three years. Moreover, Pharrell Williams has been teasing a fifth album for a minute; when speaking with the BBC, Williams said this about their new direction was "feeling really good, really special." While that may be good news for eager fans, people are still wondering when they might be hearing some of the new sounds Williams & co. have been cooking up? Well, perhaps it might be sooner than later.

Over the weekend, Tyler The Creator's "Camp Flog Gnaw" Carnival kicked off, which brought many of hip-hop's best and brightest to the stage, including Migos, Mac Miller, Vince Staples, Kid Cudi, Earl, Tyler himself, 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky & more. And while N.E.R.D was not scheduled to perform at the Los Angeles festival, their presence was still felt throughout. One Twitter user shared a picture of an N.E.R.D. ad beside one of the stages, claiming the ads were "everywhere." The ads weren't limited to "Flog Gnaw" either, as evidenced by the "NO_ONE EVER REALLY DIES" billbaords.

The very same artwork has taken over the band's website and social media, and is said to be occupying billboards "throughout the globe." In 2015, after Pharrell announced the album was coming, he likened the creative process to "making wine," claiming it would be ready when it was time. Now, if these ubiquitous advertisements are any indication, it would appear as if that time has come. What do ya'll think? Is a new N.E.R.D. album something you might be interested in?