Aretha Franklin's passing earlier this month was a tragic moment in the music community. The Queen of Soul was a major influence for so many artists around the world, bringing her powerful voice to the playlists of so many throughout her career. With fans still mourning her loss, the late singer is being laid to rest today in Detroit and a star-studded line-up is set to honor the star's life. Opting to celebrate the accomplishments in her life rather than dwelling on her departure, the family enlisted a bunch of big names from Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill and The Clark Sisters to Ariana Grande.

Anybody wishing to witness the moment as they bid farewell to one of the greatest singers in modern memory is able to do so as the funeral is being broadcast live by several outlets, of which TMZ is taking part in. At the moment, guests are making their way in and taking their seats as the performances are set to begin soon. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are being prominently featured on TMZ's stream as they shake hands with Bill Clinton and others.

Aretha Franklin passed away at the age of 76 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Rest in Peace to the Queen of Soul.