Social media personality Ari Fletcher is asking for prayers this week as she has some "serious" health issues. She sent out a series of tweets on Wednesday and Thursday, telling her fans a little bit about what she's been going through.

"I’m going through the worst pain and I don’t have no help. I need a in house nurse," she said on Wednesday. "So much I wanna say..."

She continued on Thursday, adding, "I’m not okay at the moment. I have serious health issues going on right now. I’m in pain and I’m down. I will be okay tho. Coming out strong like always! Pray for me, love y’all so much!"

Prince Williams/Getty Images

People immediately responded to her post with criticism, pointing out how Ari has previously been rude to fans online, so she shouldn't be asking for prayers.

"If I ever called you broke or called you a crate climbing ass bitch I was not talking to you when I asked for a prayer," specified Ari in a later tweet. "I’m sick, that don’t mean my personality changed. Don’t get it confused, stupid. Talking about 'not you need our broke ass prayers' babe, don’t flatter yourself. I was not talking to you!"

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Ari didn't reveal what kind of health issues she's experiencing, but we're sending our love and prayers as she fights through.