Ari Fletcher decided to encourage her female followers to get work done if they want to, which led folks to point out how she has seemingly claimed to be all natural in the past. On Saturday, Ari took to Twitter to deliver her words of encouragement.

It’s 2020 get you some surgery sis, don’t let these people discourage you," she tweeted. "BUY THE BODY YOU WANT!!!" While this statement likely drew ire from those opposed to the practice of plastic surgery, it moreso caused confusion. Folks pointed out how Ari had always claimed to have a "homegrown" booty despite others' insistence that she'd had work done, but Ari set the record straight once and for all.

"I NEVER said I didn’t have surgery," she proclaimed. "I said my ass is real. And I’m going for new titties again as soon as they open." One user then replied saying that, while Ari does look good, "a fat transfer is not real sis." Ari clapped back, presuming that this woman was just "jealous" of her natural butt. 

"Y’all be so tight," Ari responded. "Ain’t no fat transferred back here. Stop being jealous, that’s so ugly!!!" She continued to address the situation by insisting that she does not alter her body to impress men.