Co-parenting their baby Yosohn together, Ari Fletcher and G Herbo have tried to remain on good terms. Still, they manage to always end up being pitted against each other.

This week, Ari felt like asserting herself as an independent woman, using Twitter to share some thoughts.

"When you a single mom you gotta put in so much more work and love your kid 100x harder," said Ari about raising Yosohn.

When somebody assumed that she was sneak dissing G Herbo in the tweet, she claimed that it was nothing of the sort. However, her response wasn't free of shade.

"Man U kno that money make that shit 100x easier," replied a fan. "Cant sneak diss my mans herbo."

"What money? Bitch I don’t get a dollar from that boy. Suck my dick," responded Ari.

Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

There's obviously some disdain there but Ari doesn't mind letting her son stay with G Herbo, who seemingly shares quite a unique bond with the boy. Her revelation that Herb doesn't pay any child support is a little surprising but, since they never went to court, it's ultimately not that out of pocket.

Do you see Ari's first tweet as a sneak diss or was it fair?