With over five million followers on Instagram and over a million on Twitter, Ari Fletcher has become one of the biggest influencers in the hip-hop adjacent world. While she's never tried to be a rapper, she's been around this scene for years, having a baby with G Herbo before moving onto her current boyfriend MoneyBagg Yo. She's grown tremendously as a businesswoman, becoming one of the most sought-after influencers on the internet. With such a strong reputation, Ari thinks she should be on a first-name basis with the entire world.

Taking to Twitter, Ari asked fans to discontinue the use of her family name, believing that she's made it far enough to simply go by her first name from now on. "Y’all... stop calling me Ari Fletcher," she demanded. "Just Ari or Ari The Don. Stop with the Fletcher. Please."

Prince Williams/Getty Images

After taking some time to let the tweet marinate, Ari commented on how some commenters were making a big deal out what she had to say. "One thing about me... I’m gone keep the internet in a uproar about nothing chile," she said. When somebody challenged her and said no one would ever call her Ari The Don, Ari replied, "Bitch I don’t even know wtf your name says. Follow my orders whachamacallit!"

It's safe to say that her decision is final. No more Fletcher from now on!