If you've been keeping up with Ari Lennox, then you know she's been sporting a few new looks lately. Throughout her career, the first lady of Dreamville was both praised and criticized for her look because she dared to be different while displaying her natural hair and curves. Ari has often stepped up to call out people who made fun of her nose, skin color, hair, or shape, and now that she's posing in barely-there bikinis with silky straight lace fronts, those same critics are still finding fault with the singer. 

However, Ari has also been applauded for her sexier style, and with the praise has come people bringing attention to the Shea Butter Baby singer previously receiving nasty remarks from online bullies. Ari doesn't think reopening old wounds is the way to go so she addressed the conversation about her recent sexier photos.

"Reminding people of the sick things people use to say about me is counterproductive," the singer wrote on her Instagram Story. "It's not kind, even though you may think you mean well. I've always loved lacefronts. I love that I'm no longer afraid to try new styles. I love these protective styles which will promote stronger healthier hair. I'm still natural Courtney. Just a natural Courtney embracing new things and growing."

Check out Ari Lennox's post as well as some stunning images of the singer below.