Fans came to the defense of an angry Ari Lennox today on Twitter after a troll with fake accounts attacked her page-- and apparently, it wasn't the first time. In a string of tweets from just a few hours ago, Lennox lashed out at those who are harassing her-- threatening them with violence in a fit of rage. She then clarified her stance and gave a statement about her social media accounts, which she sees as toxic because of "trolls" "wishing death upon her."

"I love my truest supporters and I’m grateful for y’all. I should be able to enjoy online like everybody else without being harassed constantly by the same person. A person determined to spread false information and wishing death on me," read her final tweet in the string of attacks on the account harassing her.

ari lennox twitter troll harassing

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"Infinite dreams. You parasitic evil bitch. When I find out who you are, I’m whopping your soulless diabolical vile decaying ass" and "I’ve been documenting you for over a year and I will beat your weak disgusting ass" were all heated predecessors to her more composed reactions to the troll. Lennox states that this account has been trolling her for over a year, and they keep making new accounts to continue their crusade against her. Tweets from the troll account could not be found, as they were inevitably deleted.

Fans flocked to her side and made sure the rapper had the support she needed. "Say the word, I’ll swing on them first," said one fan, another   offering "Who we jumping?"

Check out Ari's tweets as well as fan reactions below.