Ari Lennox has joined in on the tirade against Gayle King, after the journalist brought up Kobe Bryant's rape allegations and whether or not they complicate his legacy in a recent interview with Lisa Leslie. The former WNBA star responded by stating that she does not think these allegations should be used against him and that she doesn't believe he could have committed sexual assault. However, the conversation did not end there, as Gayle received a ton of backlash for her question from fellow celebrities and the general public alike. 50 Cent and Boosie Badazz were among the furious famous folks who took issue with Gayle for bringing up Kobe's rape case. Snoop mirrored these thoughts and also went after Gayle's BFF Oprah Winfrey, whom Fif has also criticized for associating with Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein in the past. Now, Ari Lennox has taken after these men by going off on Instagram live about the whole ordeal.

Ari went in on both Gayle and Oprah, or as she calls them, "Kale and Okra." She called them "some self-hating, pieces of sh*t f*ckasses" and denounced them for "tearing down the legacies of so many phenomenal, beautiful black men," possibly referring to Oprah's documentary on Russell Simmons' rape cases and Gayle's famous interview with R. Kelly. Ari declares that she "doesn't have time for it" anymore, and that these two women "don't care about black people."

David Livingston/Getty Images

Those some have agreed with these sentiments, Ari's rant has garnered her some serious criticism from others.